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Our sea kayaks are of superb quality and are available to hire, from two hours to two weeks. Safe and stable, sit-on  kayaks are ideal for many purposes.

All our sea kayaks have storage compartments with water tight hatches which allow food and equipment to be carried. With a sit-on you do not feel trapped inside as in a conventional closed deck, therefore self-rescue is easy and you may leave the kayak at any time effortlessly.

Sit on kayaks are extremely stable and can be paddled by the relative novice with ease and confidence

  1. Young persons, under the age of 16, must be accompanied by an adult at all times whilst on the water.
  2. Kayaks are not to be used during the hours of darkness.
  3. Water and alcohol do not mix. No-one in charge of a kayak should be under the influence of drink or drugs. We will refuse hire to anyone we believe to be intoxicated. Hire will be revoked during your hire period if you become intoxicated, with no refund.
  4. The supplied buoyancy aid(s) must be worn at all times when you or any of you party is on the water. Keep the paddle leash attached to your kayak at all times on the water.
  5. No kayak is to be paddled further than 100m off shore.
  6. All users must be suitably experienced/competent, and confident in their abilities to navigate the kayak.
  7. No person is permitted to be towed by a boat whilst sitting in a kayak, except for the purposes of rescue.
  8. At no time should anyone behave in a reckless manner likely to put their own or others lives in danger. Hire will be revoked in cases of dangerous behaviour, with no refund.
  9. Keep away from boats on moorings or at anchor. You may cause damage if you get too close and/or disturb people on board.
  10. Observe any reasonable instruction given by the harbourmaster, his officials or other bone fide authority.
  11. We require proof of identity e.g. driving license, passport utility bill and we require £100 cash deposit on the day of hire for each boat. This will be refunded when all of our equipment is returned and free from any damage.
  12. Damage caused to the kayak or equipment must be paid for and part/all of the deposit may be kept to cover such damage.
  13. It is the hirers’ responsibility to take every reasonable care and therefore avoid any third party claim. In the event of any claim arising from negligence by the hirer, the policy excess, currently £100, will be payable.
  14. Insurance – Porth Daniel Ltd carries public liability insurance. Personal insurance for clients is NOT included and participants take part at their own risk.

Please click here to download a Booking Form (PDF)

Hire rates for a single sit-on (one person)

  • Up to 2 hours - £10 (minimum hire charge is £10)
  • 2 to 4 hours - £15
  • Full day (4 to 8 hours) – 09:00 – 17:00 - £25
  • Two days or more - £20 per day

Hire rates for a double sit-on (two persons + child/dog)

  • up to 2 hours - £15
  • 2 to 4 hours - £20
  • Full day (4 to 8 hours) – 09:00 – 17:00 - £35
  • Two days or more - £30 per day


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